The schedule for FST’s ninth Emporium is as follows:

Tuesday 25 February 2014

10.00 Registration and coffee
10.30 Welcome and Intro
10.45 Open Exchange
11.45 Face to Face Meetings x 4
 – including tea & coffee
13.15 Networking Lunch
14.15 Audience Engagement Panel:
 – Marianne Maxwell, National Theatre of Scotland
 – Jackie Shearer, Platform
 – Gillian Garrity, Solar Bear
15.30 Face to Face Meetings x 4
 – including tea & coffee
17.00 Drinks and informal networking
18.00 Close

“The one-to-one sessions and the 1 minute shout outs are very helpful and informative”

Open Exchange
Open exchange is a great opportunity for companies to talk for a few moments about their current and future projects. It is also a chance for venues and organisations to give an update on any projects or initiatives they are launching. So if your organisation has an announcement to make, some information to share or even if you just want to let us know where you are at or what you are up to at this time please do take part in this session. The format will be very informal and you can simply volunteer to participate on the day. It will help everyone put faces to names in advance of the face-to-face sessions and help you make the best use of the informal networking sessions.

“Open exchange was inspiring and informative and was a great way to gain a snapshot of what everyone was up to”

“The one-minute exchange is brilliant. If I’d been sent all the information gathered in that 60 minutes on an email/ newsletter/social media etc etc, I would never have read it.”

Face to Face
After you have reserved your place at Emporium, FST will send you a list of other delegates. You can choose up to 12 other delegates to meet with over the course of the day. FST will arrange a schedule of 7 appointments from your choice depending on availability.

To help the sessions run smoothly we ask all delegates to send us a photograph which will be displayed at the venue on the day.  This will help identify people on the day and make the whole process easier for everyone.

“Great way to catch up with companies and make plans face to face rather than endless e-mails/calls. I got so much done in a day”

“The face to face sessions were very useful to us as always. It was a fantastic opportunity to promote out current tour and discuss queries and questions that Venues had. It meant that discussion and negotiations were very efficient.”

“All face to face meetings have led on to connections & hopefully tour bookings in the future season”

There will be plenty of opportunities for networking during Emporium, both over lunch and by ending the day with a glass of wine and a final chance to chat. You will also take home a comprehensive delegate pack with details on those attending, their productions and venues.

“Really good atmosphere and relaxed day”

“We had a chance to touch base with everyone we wanted to see face to face and hand deliver material important to the next stage in our company’s development and working relationships and to talk to a room of 250 about our current projects – invaluable!”

“It was a chance for to meet with other people in the industry. As a newcomer to this country this was priceless as it build real relationships rather than a series of cold emails.”

Scottish Arts Touring Website
The Scottish Arts Touring website was launched at Emporium 2011. As in previous years, all those attending will be asked to register their venue or production information on the website as this facilitates the creation of the delegate packs that are received on the day alongside providing a resource can be accessed both before and after the event.

The Scottish Arts Touring Website includes information on over 70 touring professional theatre and dance companies and presenting venues across Scotland. To complete your entry or view the information of others please go to the website:

Emporium 2013


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