Emporium 2013

Thanks to all who attended the 2013 Emporium and helped to make it a great success.

Emporium 2013 included the following:

  • 134 delegates
  • 3 speakers
  • 300 face to face appointments
  • 50 open exchange presentations
  • 100 Steak Pies
  • Lots of Dundee cakes!

This year’s delegates came from a wide range of organisations, as demonstrated by the following Pie chart.

Attending Organisations Pie Chart

“All face to face meetings have led on to connections & hopefully tour bookings in the future season” Lindsay Brown, The Touring Network

“I really didn’t know what to expect from Emporium or how useful it would be, but I had one of the most constructive days spent away from the office at an event. Priceless networking opportunities, so many theatre people in the room it was quite amazing! The team were great, organised and friendly as ever. Thank you!” Rebecca Davis, Puppet Animation

“We were very impressed with the high level of organisation which resulted in the day running very smoothly.  Very useful event and great to have the opportunity to meet with promoters/venue managers in an open and relaxed atmosphere.” balletLORENT

 “We’re about to go into rehearsals for a new piece – I was looking to book a tour for 2014 – I now have several specific leads to follow up and have met key personnel at several interested venues. This is invaluable.” Ewan Downie, Company of Wolves

“It was a chance for to meet with other people in the industry.  As a newcomer to this country this was priceless as it built real relationships rather than a series of cold emails.” Sarah Holmes, Paper Doll Militia

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Tuesday 26 February 2013 at Caird Hall, Dundee   

Emporium is a one day event for producers, promoters, venues, professional theatre and dance companies, offering the opportunity to network with colleagues, promote work and book shows for venues.

If you have a production to sell and want to meet with venues and promoters from Scotland and across the UK, or are looking to contact Scottish companies to programme, this is an essential event for you!

The day features scheduled face to face meetings, speakers and an Open Exchange platform giving everyone a chance to update delegates on future projects and plans.

Presentations for the 2013 Emporium focused around collaboration.

2012 Face to Face 4

Face to face meetings at Emporium 2012

2012 Speakers

Speakers at Emporium 2012


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