Emporium 2012

Emporium 2012 included the following:

  • 166 delegates
  • 3 speakers
  • 350 face to face appointments
  • 50 open exchange presentations
  • 2 bells
  • 500 cups of tea & coffee
  • 170 chocolate brownies

“The one event in the year not to be missed”

“I sold three shows to 4 four venues, so the outcomes were fantastic.”

“Just brilliant to have so many new and key organisations/companies/individuals in one place at one time ready to talk to each other!”

“It was all really useful! I travelled from London, so seeing all of these venues in one day was a cost effective and efficient way for me to move conversations forward and meet people face to face”

“I was really pleased with how easy the format made it to meet and speak to new people.”

“I made a lot of really useful contacts during the face to face and networking sessions some of whom I am definitely looking to follow up in terms of booking for this year. The event exceeded my expectations in terms of the amount of successful contacts that I made.”

“We have made connections with regards to our next touring production, connections regarding development opportunities of a current work in progress and connections regarding professional development and collaboration.”

“I went in not knowing what the outcome would be and was pleasantly surprised by how much my future development was shaped by the day.”

“Thank you very much for a wonderful day. It made the stressful selling of a tour enjoyable and a very nice day in all.”

Emporium 2012

Monday 27th February 2012 at Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Emporium is a one day event for producers, promoters, venues, professional theatre and dance companies, offering the opportunity to network with colleagues, promote work and book shows for venues.  If you have a production to sell and want to meet with venues and promoters from Scotland and across the UK, or are looking to contact Scottish companies to programme, this is an essential event for you!

The day features scheduled face to face meetings, speakers and an Open Exchange platform giving everyone a chance to update delegates on future projects and plans.

Presentations for the 2012 Emporium focused around touring models. 

“It was fantastic to make contacts, and there are already projects being cooked up as a direct result of the visit”

“Best event I have been to in the last year”


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