Emporium 2014

Thanks to all those who attended the 2014 Emporium and helped to make it such a great success. It was a bumper event including more networking opportunities than any previous year.

Emporium 2014 included the following:

  • 167 Delegates
  • 3 Speakers
  • 468 Face to face appointments
  • 60 Open Exchange presentations
  • 175 colourful pastries
  • 1 Theatre for sale!

As always, delegates came from a wide range of organisations and a breakdown is shown in the following pie chart:

Attending Delegates

“The whole day was fantastically organised, and all the members of the FST team were incredibly helpful and approachable. There was a really lovely collective atmosphere to the day and it was a great opportunity to feel part of the Scottish Theatre community.”
Sunniva Ramsay, Traverse Theatre

“I was very impressed with Emporium & would definitely attend again. It was a great way of hearing about what’s going on in Scottish Theatre & the different ways in which opportunities & challenges are being met.”
Louise Quinn, Tromolo Productions

“From the moment I arrived to register at 10am, the networking started, which was great. I found all the elements extremely useful. I was really inspired to hear about companies and artists future work through the open exchange, the audience development panel, gave me lots to think about, and I am hoping to discuss with our marketing team to discuss what we can take forward from this. Great day, lots of fun too!”
Christine Martin, Renfrewshire Arts

“I think it’s a great event, I always feel exhausted at the end from so much talking but it’s all worth it. Keep up the good work with the event…and the cakes! I really like the alphabetical table seating, it really works.”
Fiona Ferguson, Imaginate

“I have no background in theatre, just a desire to bring some to my community in the borders. This was my first time at this event and I was touched by how welcome I was made to feel by everyone.”
James Harrison, Midlem Village Hall

“Lots of excellent opportunities for informal networking and so good to be able to have quick, instructive conversations with so many interesting people who were all in the same room at the same time!”
Marissa McTeague, Scottish Opera

“The face-to-face meetings are such a great opportunity. I love the shameless speed-dating environment of it all – where’s is person? Are you who I’m looking for? Oh no – but hi, nice to meet you! etc etc And then both people getting a chance to just sit and talk for 15 minutes with undivided attention because that’s what we’re there for. Brilliant.”
Anna Porubcansky, Company of Wolves

And some photos from the day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The event took place on Tuesday 25 February 2014 at Platform, Glasgow

It was the ninth Emporium – a one day event for producers, promoters, venues, professional theatre and dance companies, offering the opportunity to network with colleagues, promote work and book shows for venues.

It offered great networking opportunities for companies which had a production to sell and wanted to meet with venues and promoters from Scotland and across the UK, or those who were looking to contact Scottish companies to programme their shows.

The day featured scheduled face to face meetings, speakers and an Open Exchange platform giving everyone a chance to update delegates on future projects and plans.

Presentations for the 2014 Emporium focussed around audience development.


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